Meet Our Team

Francois Van Coke / Co-Founder

Spanning the last 20 years of his career in the South African music industry, Francois has been involved in recording over 15 influential albums with his bands: New World Inside, Fokofpolisiekar, Van Coke Kartel and his latest solo project Francois van Coke & Die Gevaar. With this wealth of knowledge and years spent on the road with friends and fans and with the inception of Van Coke Studios, Francois can undoubtably now play the role as a key adviser to any artists and bands career.

Jedd Kossew / Co-Founder

Known as one of South Africa’s guitar heroes, shredding solos across the live circuit scene like a local version of Evel Knievel. This daredevil, whiskey slinging musician has thrown himself into an array of genres, crafting his skills with bands Cruel April, 7th Son, Van Coke Kartel and now with Francois van Coke & Die Gevaar. Kossew is a master of melody, guitar licks, arrangement and sound design. When he’s not walking his lamb like dogs, he’s in the studio tracking artists with his brother in arms Richard. A gang of 2 thundering along the train tracks like cowboys robbing steam engines at the stroke of midnight.

Richard Onraet / Co-Founder

Has been playing music professionally since 2006. He has played with the likes of Karen Zoid, Die Heuwels Fantasties, Arno Carstens, aKing, Jesse Clegg and now plays full time for Francois van Coke en Die Gevaar. He’s been producing music since 2011 and has recorded with most of the artists he’s played for. He’s been responsible for the sound for advertisements for Ray-Ban, Virgin Active, Hyundai, Masters Milk (Australia) and Tastic to name a few. He is now the head engineer & producer at Van Coke Studios.

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